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Nestlé Food Safety Institute

Food safety is a shared responsibility — our stakeholders work in tandem to establish safe food practices for the health and welfare of consumers.

About NFSI

NFSI is a hub of the Nestlé Institute of Food Safety and Analytical Sciences at Nestlé Research, Switzerland.

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24 R&D Centers
300 Application Groups
4000 Colleagues

Our Mission

As a hub of Nestlé Research, NFSI-India will contribute to Nestlé’s Food Safety Research Strategy whilst building trust with key stakeholders in India and the region. Our numerous and extensive research endeavors in food safety will provide the foundation upon which this mission is guided.

Our Objectives

Establishing the best food safety practices for the consumers

Global Competence

Engage with stakeholders to support develop and align analytical methods and techniques with Nestlé’s global competence.

Scientific discovery

Discover new tools to support food safety and quality by design.

Strategic collaboration

Establish collaborative research projects in areas of strategic importance for Nestlé

Competence building

Support knowledge dissemination, both internally & externally, to build food safety competence

Our Facility

NFSI India is located at Nestlé's R&D center in Manesar, India. It has a state-of-the-art Analytical Laboratory to perform various chemical contaminant Research Analysis and develop related Analytical methods. Currently, our focus areas are Oil, Milk, and Spices.

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