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Our Focus

Nestlé Food Safety Institute (NFSI) India is open to partnering with any of the Research Institutes, Universities, or Government Organizations in India to conduct research work, food safety-related research studies, and training that will benefit India, and the South Asia region.

Reinforcing food safety

To adopt a holistic and collaborative approach towards ensuring safe food for consumers

An action-oriented approach

Create scientific knowledge to enable the formulation of effective risk reduction strategies

Knowledge sharing

Support knowledge dissemination and conduct training programs

Our Partnerships

Strategic Partnership

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)

NFSI India is an official partner of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) to conduct Food Safety Training and Certification (FoSTaC) training in India. This large-scale training program was introduced to impart education and raise awareness on Food Safety and Standards Act, Rules, and Regulations among business operators. FSSAI works closely with Nestle’s R and D centre in India to strengthen the food safety practices in India.

Strategic Partnership


NFSI has collaborated with AOAC-India to create awareness about various food safety challenges in India through conferences, workshop and training modules. They also aim to collectively support capacity building in the area of analytical testing in India, as well as work towards developing testing methods in the area of contaminants. Furthermore, this collaboration will also support any studies that are being conducted to assess any food safety risks, and on how to mitigate them.

Strategic Partnership

National Institute of Food Technology and Management (NIFTEM)

In October 2021, NFSI and the National Institute of Food Technology and Management (NIFTEM) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to create “All-India Cadre of Safe Food Business Professionals”.

Under this programme, the two institutions will work together to select the best food safety professionals in the country and certify 100 persons every year. These selected people will also go through an intensive three months management course in NIFTEM through sponsorships.

Strategic Partnership

NIPER Ahmedabad

NFSI has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with NIPER-A to develop a specific test method to rapidly detect veterinary drug residues in milk, which are above the FSSAI limits. The method once developed will be useful to test fresh milk at milk collection centres across India. It will help improve the food safety and compliance of milk and milk products in India

Partner with Us

If you are looking to be a part of NFSI’s mission to secure the nation through its food safety practices, reach out to us and we’d get back to you.

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